18-20 March 2016

Rock, Reggae and Blues festival in Lothair, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Mieliepop Outdoor Music Festival 2016 - Lothair, Mpumalanga

Mieliepop Boutique Music Festival is back in 2016! We're offering a 3 day camping experience with 50+ live acts on 3 stages at a 1 of a kind venue with food stalls, hot showers & lots of additional outdoor activities.

When you think Mieliepop, think: Great music talent, gorgeous rivers, rolling fields, squeaky clean infrastructure and incredible entertainment. Crystal clear waters, green hills, lilies and magical caves set the scene for our 3 music stages, surrounded by a massive lake and pools to keep you refreshed & energised all day long.

Restless feet are kept tapping late into the night at the electric cave without disturbing the early-to-bed campers.

Welcome to Mieliepop 2016.

Yoga Retreat

Yo.Go.Flo Yoga retreat at Mieliepop Music Festival 2016

Bring your Bike

Mieliepop Mountain Bike Challenge

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