Pertinent info

  • Power points. You are camping randomly on our venue. We would like to give every stray tent a power point but that would be wrong and Eskom will ask questions.
  • Qualified Medics are on site. Please bring your chronic/allergy medication. If you forgot it, please be so kind as to inform the production office on arrival.
  • Yes, it could become cold at night so bring your fluffy jacket.
  • Yes, it might rain. Bring something to counter this.
  • Yes, we are on the escarpment, so even the daytime could become chilly. Refer to point number three.
  • You may not reserve a camp site. First come, first serve.
  • There are limited cellphone reception. If you really want to communicate, then walk up the hill behind the production office or ask any official for directions.
  • You may fish. Bring your rods. Catch, kiss and release (unless you are really starving).
  • No dogs or pets (performing hamsters, worms, extinct amphibians or blue Pandas) are allowed without consent from organisers.
  • ATM on site, 24 hours. Keep in mind mobile ATM tend to be unreliable at times, CASH IS KING.
  • No open fires, only gas braaiers allowed. Alternatively join Braai Boy at his dedicated braai area.
  • Food for Sale. Yummy food! There will be a wide selection of healthy, greasy, veggie, meaty, traditional, fruity, fusion, cooked, fast and slow food to choose from.
  • Booze for Sale. No glass or cooler boxes allowed at the main festival area.
  • Mieliepop is diverse friendly. If you have any political, transgender or race issues then please stay away. Only a mild case of provincial rugby conflict will be tolerated.
  • No motorized boats/watercraft allowed.
  • Human, wind and mind powered crafts/canoes are allowed. Safety jackets are required! Please ensure that you have the ability to float graciously (swim).
  • Stocking up on supplies:
    Option 1 – Lothair: Undoubtedly one of South Africa’s smallest towns but yet geared up for basic needs. From the main Mieliepop entrance gate (tar road) you go east (right) for 5 minutes.
    Option 2 -Ermelo: For the more so serious stocking up issues turn west at main Mieliepop entrance gate. Then proceed for 30 minutes.
  • The tap water at festival venue is fine for human consumption.
  • Flush toilets on site.
  • Free hot showers for all!
  • We'll have tickets available at the gate.
  • Unless you are an official vendor, you may not sell anything. Tissues, Jelly and Frisbees included.
  • The band line-up and performance times might change. No, you are not allowed to sue us.
  • Right Of Admission Reserved. Act like a Bozo then expect to be treated like one.
  • There are pools and a lake made 100% out of water. If you cannot swim, don’t.
  • We do have public liability. This is a statement and not a dare.
  • Children are allowed.
  • No dangerous attitudes, weapons or illegal substances are allowed.
  • Official Mieliepop and band merchandise will be for sale at the venue.
  • Please bring silly dance moves, smiles, songs, fun suits, sunscreen, floatation devises, cameras, toys and an open mind.


Q: What are the age restrictions at Mieliepop?
A: Children under 12 will be granted access at no cost and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children between 12 and 18 will be charged for the full price and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Q: Can I plug in my hair dryer?
A: Yes

Q: Can you please help me with my ticket issues?
A: No problem, please direct all ticket enquiries to

Q: What is the line up?
A: The full schedule will be announced closer to the event. For up to date information please follow or Facebook:

Q: How many bands will perform?
A: 60

Q: Can I leave the festival and re-enter as I like?
A: Full festival pass holders can re-enter as they see fit. Day pass holders will only be allowed in and out on the day of your pass.

Q: What is the address of the festival?
A: Tolderia Resort, Lothair, Mpumalanga. See directions.

Q: Will day tickets be available?
A: Yes, a limited number of day tickets will be available.

Q: Do you over charge at the bar for drinks?
A: No, we charge fair. We want you back. And tipsy.

Q: Do you have a facebook/twitter page?
A: Yes we do. Facebook: and Twitter @MieliepopFest

Q: Can I access the campsite with a general day ticket?
A: Yes

Q: Do I need to bring a tent to Mieliepop?
A: Unless you prefer to sleep in a standing position and resembling a Smurf, yes. If you are planning on staying overnight at Mieliepop, you will need to bring a tent. Boutique camping is available – please see the Mieliepop website for Maizey Stray tented lodge booking information.

Q: Do you have any restrictions in the campsites?
A: No loud music from vehicles and open fires on the lawn.

Q: What’s the deal with trailer tents, campervans and caravans at Mieliepop?
A: Please email us on for applications to bring any of the above-mentioned items.

Q: If I book at Maizey Stray (boutique camping) what else do I need?
A: In order to book in the Maizey Stray camp you will need a full festival pass. Please have a look at everything we provide in the Maizey Stray section (bookings to go live soon).

Q: How much alcohol can I take with me?
A: You can take a reasonable level for personal consumption into the campsite, however it must be taken in with you on your first entry to the festival. Should you go back to your car or leave the festival site again you are not permitted to bring more alcohol back in with you.

Q: Can I bring a gas grill to Mieliepop?
A: Yes but please use all necessary safety precautions, open flames will not be permitted on the grass and Chinese lanterns (the wishy flying ones) are also restricted due to the nature of the venue.

Q: Honestly, is Mieliepop really as cool as everyone tells me?
A: Affirmative

Disability Access Tickets

If I have a disability or require special access arrangements, how do I buy tickets or discuss these? Please email us at to discuss your requirements.

Getting Involved

Q: I’d like to perform at Mieliepop, how do I apply?
A: Please complete the online band submission form with your band info.

Q: How do I apply to be a trader at Mieliepop?
A: Please complete the online vendor submission form. We are only looking for top quality food and trade vendors.

Q: Can I volunteer at Mieliepop?
A: Yes you can! Email us at for more information. Volunteers will be assigned to a manager, if you are not serious about helping out; please do not apply as you will be removed from the festival if you do not commit to your assigned duties.

Mieliepop Safety Tips

  • Never take a barbecue or stove into a tent or motorhome. A warm, smouldering barbecue or stove gives off plenty of poisonous carbon monoxide (CO), which can kill.
  • Never use a fuel-burning appliance to heat your tent or motorhome. Gas and kerosene heaters – unless they are permanently fitted in a caravan or motorhome – should only be used outside. Stoves and barbecues are designed for cooking not space/tent heating.
  • Please remember to keep your valuables safely locked up in your vehicle to avoid any unlikely petty theft.